My Failure Point With Card Magic

Recently, I have made a habit of completing a Wheel of Life every week. This takes an abstract thought and puts in visual form, allowing you to grow an awareness for things you may otherwise be blind to. My biggest shortfall, I discovered, was lack of hobbies.

For my own purposes, I do not consider video games or reading to be hobbies. I understand that they both are, but for myself, I consider reading a life requirement and video games a colossal waste of time. I spent a lot of time last year playing Battlefield 1, and in trying to break that habit, decided to replace it with what I consider to be an actual hobby: up-close card magic.

For this endeavor, I decided to begin with Harry Lorayne’s The Magic Book, to learn the basic techniques and sleights. I was making a habit of practicing almost daily, until I came to the palm technique. Now, I have big hands, but this sleight proved to be the difficult point that made me lose interest in practicing daily. It became hard. As of today, it’s been 9 days since I have practiced with the cards – unacceptable. In my mind, I had convinced myself I had not given up, yet I was not intentionally putting the cards out to remind myself to practice. It has become hard.

This morning, I read a great little article on Farnam Street Blog, “At Some Point, You Have to Eat The Broccoli.” It is very short, and I recommend you give it a read. Even though I had tried to train my mind to recognize the fact that struggle is the point of new learning, it was difficult to apply. Nothing about that article is exactly actionable, however, it does give a refreshing clarity to the concepts that learning new things is uncomfortable and that we tend to gravitate towards comfort. 

My Action Points:

  • I am going to spend some time meditating, if you will, on the discomfort I am feeling with palming and how it may feel to push past that plateau. 
  • I will be putting my cards back on my desk in order to keep the reminder visual.

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