Do More Better

I hate productivity systems. Yes, I know you need some kind of system to be productive (you are working in a “system” even if you do not recognize it). I hate productivity systems because I don’t want to apply them, I want to read about all the new ones and not actually use them. 

You know you do it too.

You know what to do, and it’s simple, But you don’t do it because it’s hard, and we want to do easy things.

However, I recently heard of a book called Do More Better, by Tim Challies. I typically would have dismissed it (and almost did), but I respect Challies and his opinions very much. I even envy him a bit for his balanced thinking, which I lack in so many regards. I was driving home from a business trip and decided to listen to the audio book version, which was very short at ~2 hours.

Cue my transformation.

I went home and implemented it immediately, and two weeks later, I have no plans to use any other method or system. The beauty is not necessarily in its simplicity, but rather the fact that it removes almost all of the friction in organizing information and tasks. 

When you get a piece of information, it can only go one of three places:

  • If it is an event or appointment, it goes on the calendar.
  • If it is a task (must have an action verb to count), it goes into task management (like Todoist).
  • If it is information you want to access later, it goes in information management (like Evernote).

That’s it.

I will add that Challies is a Christian and leader in his local church – so the foundation of the book is about living a life of serving others and glorifying God. I would say that I agree with most of his statements on Christianity. If you don’t agree, I would not dismiss the book yet. I have read many productivity and organizational books, and it just doesn’t get any better than Do More Better, in my opinion.

As a side note: I cannot afford to buy all of the audio books I listen to. I instead use a monthly service called Scribd. It is like the Netflix of books; one monthly fee, all you can read/listen to. If you use this link, you get a month free.

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