The Child Within Us

Below is a story that I wrote about a true event, that I often tell at social gatherings. Enjoy!

We all have a private life. A part of our hearts that we keep hidden from even our closest friends and lovers. This is the basest part of our nature, where we shove our moments of hatred, lust, selfishness, and contempt. But, there is another quality of our nature that has long been buried in nearly all of us. I have seen one place on earth where this quality has not completely disappeared: in the heart of a child.

My oldest son, Noah, was five when we visited Disney World recently. We were standing in front of an attraction when our party left to the other side of the walkway, leaving Noah behind, unaware. We were only a few feet away, but with a sea of people in between, moving this way and that, blocking the view of little Noah.

He came to himself and turned. “Mom?”

And then the other way. “Mom?”

Suddenly, pivoting with urgency, his eyes growing wide with sudden terror, and taking a sharp breath inward –


Pivoting the other way, just as rapidly, “Mommy?!”

I had been watching the entire time, and as I made my way through the crowd of people with an outstretched arm, he turned to immediately recognize his father approaching. He exhaled a sigh of immense relief, as a marooned sailor being rescued at last, and took my hand; the fear gone, knowing he was safe again.

Can you identify with little Noah? We all bury this emotion – the feeling of lost helplessness, alone in a sea of people. Afraid for people to see that we are weak, feeble beings – which we are – we clothe ourselves with a facade of confidence and superiority, not knowing that we are all still like little Noah was that day: lost, needing guidance to find our way amidst what we perceive as chaos.

Can you imagine the atheist’s universe, one with no loving, Creator God? How much more terrified should we be than that little boy, swirling in a vast expanse of uninhabitable space with no one watching our every move, ensuring that we were taken care of?

Friends, we must never forget that deep down, we are all just as helpless. Such is the child within us.  Suddenly, we are thrust into situations when our eyes are opened to our reality and begin to frantically look for help, knowing we are doomed on our own.

When we do, we see the outstretched hand of our Heavenly Father, through the Light of His Word, reaching out to us. We can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that He never lost sight of us, and never abandoned us. When we look to His Word, we can be comforted; knowing that we are guided by His sovereign grace, that the child within us is safe.

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  1. Sara Jane Jacobs

    Love this! Thanks for sharing your story and giving us a mental picture to remind us that we are always under the watchful eyes of a Loving Father ❤️

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