Palm = Conquered

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my trouble with the palm technique used in card magic and how it had impacted my desire to practice. Not long after, I saw a young gentleman at our local market performing card tricks. I explained to him I was learning and having trouble getting the palm technique down. Although he stated he didn’t use it much, what he showed me was flawless in my opinion. I knew it was happening and I still couldn’t tell that it had happened. He slowed it down and showed me the way he did it; I observed, thanked him, and left.

A few days later, I picked up my deck of cards and tried again. Almost instantly it “clicked.” I have read that your brain will organize information subconsciously, including physical movements, often while sleeping. This is why you can practice something to frustration, go to sleep, and then achieve the desired result with little effort. Perhaps my brain needed more than one night, or I was sleep deprived. Anyway, this small win gave me the motivation to keep learning and even nail down one trick, which I performed for my wife, with great success.

I am glad I let it go for a bit, but did not abandon it altogether.

Is there something you are working on that you should walk away from for a week, and then return to? I would like to hear what it is and the result of your break. Comments below are great, and I will always have a conversation via my personal email, here.

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