Life in UHD

Recently, I made an uncharacteristic purchase – a 65″ OLED TV. We moved into a house with a large bonus area and, boasting to myself that I never upgrade our tech, I decided to get something flashy.

It’s really pretty.

It almost ruined TV, in fact. If the movie or TV show we’re watching is not in Ultra-High Definition I am just not as into watching it now.

I was in the garage earlier and I let one of my boys water the plants. Well, he was supposed to water the plants. He actually just ended up playing with the hose.

I walked outside to check on him. The hose was on the mist setting, and he was just spraying. Care-free and smiling.

A slight breeze had come through the backyard and became trapped in that corner of the house. It was mid-morning. Sun was streaming through the trees. As I stepped over the threshold, I saw a vortex of innumerable, tiny diamonds swirling in the sun. It seemed to be more water droplets than stars in the sky, all in a glistening cloud that moved to a rhythm that – until that moment – I couldn’t hear.

I went and got my wife so we could look at it together.

She smiled and said, “Oh yeah.”

I was ashamed. No screen is that beautiful. No movie has ever made me feel that way. In a moment of sheer innocence, my son showed me something magical. How many moments of true “high-definition” am I missing?

I think I will keep the TV off for a while.

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